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Callum Macrae is a film-maker, writer and journalist and co founded Outsider Television in 1993 with Alex Sutherland. 
An Emmy, BAFTA and Grierson nominee, his output has ranged from current affairs investigations to observational documentaries to polemics and he has filmed and reported from around the world, including Iraq, Sri Lanka, Japan, Haiti, Cote D’Ivoire, Uganda, Mali, and Sudan on subjects ranging from international and civil conflict to sex-workers rights. His films, often with a focus on human rights and injustice, have been shown by many broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Al Jazeera and PBS in the US, and for two years running was he was named by Broadcast magazine as one of the top three directors in the UK.
He headed the Channel Four team nominated in 2013 for a Nobel Peace Prize for their work on Sri Lanka which culminated in his feature documentary, No Fire Zone which has won several awards including the Audience Awards at the Nuremberg Film Festival and Watch Docs in Poland, as well as the Human Rights award at the Festival des Liberties in Brussels.
Callum Macrae grew up in Nigeria and Scotland, studied painting for five years and was a teacher for seven years. He’s been a dustman, a satirical cartoonist, a TV and radio presenter and was for three years Scottish Correspondent of the London Observer, during which period he won his first award as Campaigning Journalist of the Year.
He has won many awards including two Royal Television Society awards, an Amnesty Award, two One World Awards, an Association of International Broadcasters Award, and a Scottish BAFTA Special Achievement award. He has won two of the US’s top accolades for broadcast journalism, a Peabody Award and a Columbia Dupont Award.
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